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The Condominium Conundrum

Condo conundrum Bangkok

Given the restrictions on foreign ownership of land in Thailand, the most popular way for foreigners who want to own a property in the Kingdom has been to purchase a condominium. Even this method of obtaining a property in Thailand has been subject to a series of restrictions, albeit relatively simple and straightforward as successive… Read more »

Rental Yields See Significant Rise in Bangkok

Rental Yields See Significant Rise in Bangkok-43645

“The economy may not grow, but it won’t die either.”[1] These were the words of Bangkok Bank executive vice-president Korbsak Phutrakul quoted in the Property Focus supplement published by the Bangkok Post in May 2014. At the time the capital was still in the grip of a major political crisis which was ‘eroding the country’s… Read more »

Why do real estate investors often fail?

Why do real estate investors often fail?-37189

Many people have gotten into real estate investment with high expectations. However, after a short while, many of them have had to concede failure as real estate investors. Still, the question remains, why do real estate investors fail? Read on to find out and increase your chances of success in real estate investing.   Lack… Read more »

Top 3 New Condo Developments in Bangkok

Top 3 New Condo Developments in Bangkok-37058

The Bangkok real estate market has over the recent years witnessed an unprecedented upsurge in the number of new condo development projects. Now more than ever, you can be in an excellent position to acquire some of the finest condominium units, not just in Thailand but also the entire South East Asia region.   The… Read more »

Things to Consider When Looking at Off Plan Condo Projects in Bangkok

What to Consider if Buying Off Plan Projects in Bangkok

Bangkok allows investors to purchase off plan condos. Investing in off plan condos means that you buy a property that is still in the concept state, undergoing design or still under construction. Off plan condos in Bangkok offer very good returns on your investment. Furthermore, an off plan investment project means you do not have… Read more »

How To Modify Your Home For Wheelchair Users

How To Modify Your Home For Wheelchair Users-35737

Most homes are not made to accommodate people on wheelchairs, whether residents or visitors. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but things such as old age and accidents can make you wish your home were accessible to wheelchairs. Consequently, making your home accessible to wheelchair users should be something you should… Read more »

How Much Money Do You Need To Live in Thailand

How Much Money Do You Need To Live in Thailand-35721

Thailand is definitely one of the least expensive places to lead a decent life. The quality of life and access to modern conveniences such as good reliable transport, good hospitals, and world-class entertainment centres have made Thailand a top destination, not only for people looking to have great vacations on a budget, but also retirees… Read more »

Top 5 Perks of Living in Thailand

Top 5 Perks of Living in Thailand-35664

Known for its splendid beaches, amazing wildlife, gleaming fields, and breath-taking sceneries, Thailand is among the most beautiful countries in the world. The country has a wide range of offerings to tourists, but what makes Thailand so special is its people.   Thai people are very polite, cheerful and helpful, which is attributed to their… Read more »